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Histamine is a substance that, when an allergen enters the body, is activated and becomes dangerous. To avoid serious consequences, it is necessary to take antihistamines. In addition to them, hormones, adsorbents, homeopathic remedies are also prescribed. This type of tablets is divided into three groups: first, second and third generation.

Indispensable for rhinitis, itching, food and drug allergies. Claritin. Suitable for children from one year old, has no sedative effect. "Histalong". Reduces capillary permeability, relieves edema.

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It is used to treat various forms of allergies, as well as rhinitis and conjunctivitis. Suprastin. Helps with urticaria, hay fever, various skin rashes. Diazolin. Copes with rhinitis, urticaria, food and drug allergies. Eliminates rhinitis, hay fever, itchy skin and other manifestations of the disease.

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